Infographic: 10 ways outstanding intranets benefit workers

If your internal hub lies fallow, your employees and the organization as whole will miss out on great opportunities. Check out what yours should deliver to engage your staff and boost productivity.

An intranet is useless if it’s not useful.

What are the hallmarks of a thriving employee hub? An infographic from Gagen MacDonald touts 10 qualities that yours should have.

An effective intranet makes employees more efficient, productive, engaged and collaborative, the piece says, adding that intranets “reduce information overload,” hasten innovation, facilitate remote work flexibility, lower costs and build companywide cohesion.

Some 70 percent of those who used internal social business and collaboration tools said the tools boosted productivity, according to a study cited in the graphic.

It also references Cisco’s claim that increased collaboration through its intranet expedited the company’s time to market by 12 to 18 months.

An intranet can be a beautiful thing—so long as it’s useful, usable and enjoyable for your team. Compare and contrast your company’s intranet benefits with those highlighted in the infographic below.

10 Ways Your Intranet Can Help Your Employees Work Smarter [Infographic]

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