Infographic: 5 reasons your mobile strategy isn’t working

Does your mobile site look as good on a tablet as it does on a phone? Are your call to action buttons easy to find? Beware these seemingly small details; they could have devastating effects.

If you have a mobile strategy, congratulations! You’re on the right track.

Simply having a mobile strategy isn’t enough. There are lots of little details that could send even the most thoughtful strategy careening off course.

An infographic from Formstack lists five reasons your mobile strategy might not be as effective as it could be:

1. Your site isn’t designed for mobile. People don’t have patience for slow, sloppy sites. Design a mobile site that is fast and user-friendly so customers stick around.

2. Your site isn’t optimized for multiple mobile devices. Your site might look good on a phone, but does it look just as clean on a tablet? Make sure it does.

3. You have a weak call to action. Mobile users search with specific intentions. Make your “buy,” “schedule an appointment” and other call to action buttons easy to find.

4. You don’t have social auto-fill forms. Filling out forms on a smartphone is hard-especially for people with big fingers. Make your customers’ lives a little easier by allowing them to fill out forms with information from their social media profiles.

5. You have too much content. It’s hard to scroll on a mobile site, so put your most important information at the top.

For more information and statistics, check out the infographic:

(View a larger image.) ​

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