Infographic: Color increases brand recognition by 80 percent

Whether you’re designing a new logo or building an Instagram or Pinterest strategy, this infographic’s insights on hues and shades can help you attract customers and stand out from your competitors.

I judge books by their covers.

I know the old adage says not to, but I do.

When I’m browsing in a bookstore, I don’t scan the shelves for titles that look interesting or authors I recognize. I first look for book covers with designs and colors I like. Once I find one that looks promising, I read the back cover, the first few pages and sometimes even the last page (I like to look for happy endings) to decide whether I want to buy the book.

I’m not the only one who makes purchasing decisions based on color. An infographic from Brush Strokes says most people make up to 90 percent of their judgments based on color.

The infographic stresses color’s importance in branding, whether you’re designing a logo, product packaging or social media content. Consider these statistics:

  • Color increases brand recognition by 80 percent.
  • Color ads are read 42 percent more frequently than the same ads in black and white.
  • Men prefer bold colors; women favor softer hues. Consider your target audience before committing to a color scheme.

Download the free white paper, “Creating a Consistent Message,” to discover how to keep your organization’s message and voice on track across all your internal communications platforms.

Check out the infographic below:


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