Infographic: Create a digital marketing measurement plan in 4 steps

Most communicators likely didn’t land their jobs in the hopes of doing math and measurement. Like it or not, it’s on their to-do list. Thankfully, this four-step outline makes it a little easier.

Do you remember when measurement was fun?

You know, those days when your parents measured how much you grew each year by marking your height on the kitchen door, or you counted your allowance to see if you had enough money to buy a bike.

Unfortunately for many communicators, the word “measurement” doesn’t trigger such happy feelings.

Measurement now means tracking social media engagement, email opens and website clicks. It means proving that the work you do makes or saves money for your organization, and that your job is critical to the business’s success.

No pressure, right?

Digital marketing measurement can be intimidating, but this infographic from Vertical Measures details four steps to developing a measurement plan that will get you started in the right direction:

1. Set measurement goals that align with your organization’s business goals.

2. Establish baseline metrics.

3. Build an automated dashboard.

4. Create monthly insight reports.

For the skinny on each of the steps, as well as some statistics about the state of communications measurement, check out the graphic below:

(View a larger image.)

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