Infographic: Email marketing metrics you should track

You probably monitor open and click-through rates, but have you ever calculated the price of each email you send? Find out what other metrics you should be tracking here.

We recently talked about email marketing etiquette, and in the past we’ve discussed email marketing myths.

It’s time to cover yet another important aspect of email marketing: measurement.

Before you start groaning, give this infographic from The Data Octopus a quick look. It lists seven metrics you should be tracking for each email marketing campaign you launch. Some are basic, like open rates, while others may not have crossed your mind, like price per email sent. They’re all important to your success.

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Here are a few of the more interesting metrics:

Price per email sent: This is the return on investment of your email marketing. By determining how much money you spend on each email, you can determine the profitability of your campaign.

Conversion rate: This metric determines how many people clicked through your email and went on to accomplish a certain goal (signed up for something, made a purchase, etc.). This metric can help you discover what type of email content your customers like.

Unsubscribe rate: People often opt out of emails because of their frequency, quality and relevance. If someone wants to unsubscribe from your emails, offer other communication options, like your social media sites. You don’t want to lose the customer.

See the full list of metrics in the infographic below. Which metrics do you track?

(View a larger image.)

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