Infographic: Facts about the human brain communicators need to know

Learn why we remember emotional content more than logical content, and why we feel compelled to go with our gut reactions.

You know the expression, “Go with your gut”?

An infographic from Emma illustrates how accurate that advice is, especially when it comes to marketing.

According to the infographic, the part of the brain that is responsible for our gut reactions and emotions-the amygdala- works significantly faster than the conscious mind. Marketers must appeal to those gut reactions to attract customers.

The infographic offers a few ways to do that, as well as other facts about the human brain that could help marketers better reach their customers. Here are a few:

Use images: The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Also, 90 percent of the data the brain processes is visual.

Carefully consider colors: Whether we want to believe it, we do judge books by their covers-or at least their colors. Color determines 62 percent to 90 percent of our feelings about a product.

Appeal to emotions, not logic: The brain processes emotions five times faster than our conscious brain, and emotions make longer-lasting impressions than rational thoughts do.

Check out the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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