Infographic: Helpful tips and tactics to survive a presentation Q&A

Prepare for curveballs by having a friend or colleagues ask you tricky questions. Don’t try to fake your way through an answer, and be sure to close with your speech’s key points.

You’ve delivered your speech—now comes the hard part.

Fielding questions can be a great way to create a meaningful, memorable connection with your audience, but unprepared speakers risk wading into an explosively humiliating disaster.

An infographic from Visme offers helpful tactics to handle pressure-packed Q&A sessions.

Tips include:

  • The piece opens with big-picture reminders, such as, “Remember that your responsibility is to deliver the best answer to the entire group, not just the person who posed the question.” There’s also a suggestion to “scan the entire audience” and to connect questions back to your content.
  • To prepare for tough questions, the infographic suggests having friends, family or colleagues throw you tricky curveballs that might feasibly come your way. Preferably, seek out an older sibling, a boorish co-worker or perhaps a filter-free grandparent who has no compunction about asking bizarre, probing, possibly inappropriate questions.
  • Spend time reading content on Q&A “hotbeds” such as Quora, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • If you don’t know the answer to something, don’t try to fake your way through it. The infographic advises having a slide with your contact info handy, so you can connect with the person again—after you’ve had time to review their query.
  • If someone launches a complex, three-pronged trident of a question at you, “focus on what is the most answerable or relates to your content.”
  • Image result for brick trident
  • Regardless of where the session takes you, conclude by restating the main themes and key content points of your presentation.

Q&A sessions can be risky, but speakers who field questions with aplomb can earn respect, build instant credibility and win over a skeptical audience. For more tips on how to skillfully glide through your next Q&A minefield, review the rest of Visme’s infographic below.

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