Infographic: How content marketing can make your branding efforts sing

Come to your next meeting armed with statistics and ideas that can boost your communication strategies. This infographic will give you the ammunition you require.

Brand managers know they must make content marketing a part of their campaigns, but examples and statistics that show its power are only the beginning.

Anyone who starts on a journey into content marketing quickly realizes that it’s not enough to simply say that you’re doing it.

You must have a strategy.

That strategy has to connect into some organizational goals. Every piece of content has to have a purpose, lest you create it in a vacuum. Once you drill down to the tactical level, you have to know which types of content will fit your specific purpose. From there, you should have a robust measurement infrastructure with specific performance indicators that will tell you whether your strategy is effective.

It’s a tall order, but it’s possible.

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To start, PR and marketing pros can attend planning and reporting sessions armed with the latest stats around content marketing. That’s where a recent infographic by Write to Done comes in.

It gives an excellent overview that speaks to why content marketing can be so effective and touches upon specific channels to provide insights and justifications—which can send you on your way to content marketing success. Check it out below:

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