Infographic: How Generations X, Y and Z consume video

They all visit YouTube, but each group expects different content from the platform. If any of these age groups are your target demographic, this is what you should know.

Generations X, Y and Z might be the youngest consumers out there, but woe to the communicator who thinks he or she can communicate with them in the same ways—especially when it comes to video.

An infographic from Adweek breaks down how much each generation watches video content, as well as what video platforms they prefer and what types of videos they like to watch.

For example, though YouTube is still the most popular video platform for all three generations, Generations X and Y also like to watch videos on Facebook and Instagram, whereas Generation Z prefers Snapchat and Instagram.

What types of videos does each generation prefer?

  • Generation X watches the most educational videos.
  • Generation Y watches the most fitness videos.
  • Generation Z watches the most fashion and style videos.

Check out the infographic below for more:

(View a larger image.)

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