Infographic: How the brain processes content

If you aren’t sure when you should be communicating via video instead of a blog post, or an infographic rather than an email, use this guide.

Do you ever wish you had a big list of what type of content was best for communicating certain messages?

Say, for example, you have to tell employees about last quarter’s earnings. You could run your finger down this master list until you came to “complicated data” and then look at the column next to it to discover the best way to communicate the numbers.

This infographic from Main Path Marketing isn’t quite a master list, but it comes close. It explains how our brains process different types of content and, thus, how you should communicate certain messages.

Consider the above example about last quarter’s financials. According to the infographic, the best way to explain complex data is through graphic content, such as infographics. Visuals help people understand complicated ideas more easily than they hoist aboard text.

Check out the full infographic—which, of course, will deftly explain these complicated ideas—and let us know in the comments if you have any tips for determining what communication channel is best for what types of messages.

(View a larger image.)


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