Infographic: How to create infographics in PowerPoint

The presentation program has been around for ages, but thanks to this handy guide, comms teams lacking a graphic designer can put it to a new—and extremely helpful—use.

As a corporate communicator, you’re used to doing more with less.

You accept that you will probably never have as big a budget as you would like or as many team members as you need. What you accomplish with limited resources is phenomenal.

That visual content is on the rise and you don’t have the money to hire a graphic designer are no big surprise. You’ll just have to learn how to whip up fancy infographics on your own, won’t you?

Thankfully, Hubspot and BD Ventures can help ease the learning curve with their guide on how to make infographics using PowerPoint or Keynote—two programs with which you’re probably already familiar.

Take a look:
(View a larger image.)

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