Infographic: How to create the perfect logo

Whether you’re creating a logo for your brand or a communications campaign, these tips will ensure it’s memorable, unique and timeless.

Logos may look simple, but creating them is quite complicated. You have to condense your brand’s mission, history and personality into one icon.

How do you convey those important items through nothing more than shapes and colors?

An infographic from X Print offers helpful insights. It lists five essential rules for logo design, explains which colors evoke certain emotions in customers, and shares advice from professional graphic designers.

Here’s a peek at a few rules for designing a logo:

1. Make sure your logo is easy to remember and understand. If your logo is complicated or hard to read, it won’t appeal to customers.

2. Make sure your logo looks good in black and white. Your logo should look just as clear on a photocopy as it does on a billboard.

3. Make sure your logo is timeless. You want your brand to be successful for years to come, right? Ensure your logo will last, too.

Look at the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.) ​

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