Infographic: How to employ psychology in logo design

Don’t let trite graphics, outdated fonts, clunky design and poor color choices send the wrong message about your organization. Learn vital techniques from industry leading brands.

If a logo is your brand’s public persona, are you presenting a welcoming countenance, a ho-hum expression or, dare we say it, an RBF?

There’s a sweet science behind creating appealing logos. An infographic from Company Folders reveals the psychological underpinnings behind certain designs, as well as surefire tips to make logos that pop.

To create an irresistible logo, the graphic urges you to be: enticing, unique, timeless, new, simple, consistent and adaptable. Iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Disney, FedEx and GE offer guidance about strong aesthetics and subtle messaging, the infographic says.

It also covers logo pitfalls.

Clichéd designs and trendy fonts are common flubs, as are cluttered, confusing graphics that try to do or say too much.

Colors are another important consideration. According to the infographic, ESPN’s red logo delivers warmth, energy and aggression, whereas Cheerios’ iconic yellow conveys intellect, optimism and cheer. IBM’s blue, meanwhile, signals integrity, professionalism and success.

What do your colors say about you and your brand?

Review the infographic below to make sure your logo is projecting the right vibe.

How to Design the Perfect Logo

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