Infographic: How to get more people to share your blog posts

A few simple tweaks could mean the difference between 10 views and 100.

If you run a blog, there’s a strong chance you feel like a slave to content. You probably spend most of your days writing, brainstorming, optimizing, and promoting blog posts.

And after all of that work, the last thing you want to see is that no one shared, liked or commented on your hard work.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to encourage readers to share and engage with your blog content, an infographic from Onboardly and Column Five says. Here are a few of them:

Point out tweetable quotes. Inserting “Tweet this” buttons throughout your blog post will encourage readers to do exactly that.

Time it right. The best time to publish a blog post is 9:30 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. Most blogs are read by 11 a.m.

Have social-sharing buttons. You’ve likely heard this tip before, but it bears repeating: Blogs with social-sharing buttons receive seven times more mentions than blogs without.

Make the most of images. Appealing images increase sharing and engagement. Articles without images receive, on average, 28 shares. Articles with images receive an average of 65 shares.

Those suggestions don’t sound too hard, right?

There are even more ideas in the infographic below:

(View a larger image.)

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