Infographic: How to turn raw survey data into a compelling infographic

Have you ever wanted to convey poll results in an infographic, but you weren’t sure how to start? This guide can help.

The corporate communications world is full of surveys.

Communications pros survey everything from employee engagement to how many people learned about a certain initiative to whether staffers like receiving the cafeteria menu via email. There’s always something new to measure, which means there are always findings for you to share.

An interesting way to do so is with an infographic.

Though it might seem difficult to transform endless spreadsheets of data into an appealing visual, this infographic from Venngage condenses the process into four easy-to-follow steps. It will help you determine which charts are best for certain types of information, how to color-coordinate findings so your audience can understand the story behind the numbers, and more.

Take a look:

(View a larger image.)

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