Infographic: How your organization can capitalize on mobile marketing

The smartphone offers marketers new avenues for capturing leads and making sales. Consider these insights when trying to master all that mobile devices have to offer.

If your content isn’t on a phone, it probably isn’t getting read.

That’s the gist of a new infographic from The company shows how mobile use has driven marketers to find new ways to reach consumers and to highlight exciting success stories from brands like Home Depot and Starbucks.

One compelling reason marketers should invest in mobile content: There’s room to grow. Average conversion rates have gone up 64 percent for mobile devices, and 90 percent of consumers watch video on their mobile (compared with 60 percent on desktops).

Mobile devices also offer a variety of endpoints for marketers to attract clients and shoppers. Whether you use push notifications or QR codes, the mobile device could be a game changer for your marketing efforts.

Read the infographic below to discover how mobile marketing efforts can boost your bottom line—but don’t take our word for it. Consider the success stories of these major companies:

  • Red Roof Inn’s search campaign that led to a 60 percent increase in last-minute bookings
  • Home Depot’s successful DIY videos on YouTube
  • Starbucks’ SMS campaign
  • IKEA’s catalogue app

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