Infographic: Marketing trends and advice for 2016

With all the changes and technological advances that 2016 will inevitably bring, here are some ways to set yourself up for success.

I’ve already chosen my New Year’s resolutions.

This year’s edition includes mastering French and learning how to do more DIY projects around the house. (That second one is a direct result of binge-watching HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” on Netflix. I can learn how to re-tile my bathroom or build a coffee table on my own, right?)

Though it’s fun to set personal resolutions, setting a few professional objectives is also smart.

A new infographic from Microsoft shares three pieces of marketing advice that communicators should heed to start the new year strong: Know your tech, spend money wisely, and think beyond consumerism.

Committing to learning how to use a new tech tool or being more creative in the way you engage with customers could not only help your organization, but also make you a more marketable communicator.

On which of these areas would you most like to focus in 2016?

1. Know your tech. You know how technology is—as soon as you understand one platform or gadget, a new one bursts on the scene to take its place. The new year is only going to bring more technological breakthroughs, so commit to studying up on at least one. A few to watch out for are virtual reality, advances in wearable devices and updated search engine algorithms.

2. Spend money wisely. Content marketing is 62 percent cheaper than traditional forms of marketing, but it’s not the only worthwhile way to reach customers. In 2016, focus your attention on the most effective marketing channels, which include search engine marketing, print promotions and traditional banner ads. Try one you haven’t used before.

3. Think beyond consumerism. Consumers don’t want to see brand ads. They want to know how organizations are making the world better. Be transparent, and get creative in the ways that show them your business has a goal other than making money.

Look at the infographic for more ideas:

(View a larger image.)

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