Infographic: Marketing trends you can’t afford to ignore

‘Mobile’ and ‘live streaming’ seem to be on all marketers’ lips these days, and for good reason. Organizations that aren’t keeping up with prevailing practices risk losing their audiences.

Everyone wants to be trendy, but few can pull it off.

Any high schooler will tell you that.

Take a quick mental inventory of your organization’s marketing tactics. Are they keeping up with the trends or lagging a few years behind?

If you aren’t sure, check out this infographic from Reach Local. It will tell you which digital marketing trends you should be paying attention to this year and why. (Hint: If you aren’t communicating with your audience members in the way they want you to, you can kiss them goodbye.)

A few trends to keep your eye on include:

  • Mobile: In 2015, consumers conducted more searches via mobile device than desktop computer. Additionally, 72 percent of consumers say they want mobile-friendly websites.
  • Buy buttons: Some social media networks (Pinterest, Twitter, and soon, Facebook) have buttons that enable users to make purchases directly from the social media site. Consumers like the seamless shopping experience.
  • Polls and quizzes: Quizzes are the most shared content on Facebook. Create a few of your own, and watch engagement grow.

How are you making the most of these practices? Which would you like to try?

Check out the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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