Infographic: The best ways to repurpose your content

Transforming articles into infographics, videos, podcasts and other formats can give your content new life—and make your job as a content creator significantly easier.

If you manage a blog or intranet, you probably dedicate a large chunk of your time to finding or creating content.

It’s like having a pet that’s hungry all the time.

You have to keep feeding the site with content or you’ll lose readers, engagement, reach-all of which ultimately affect the bottom line.

That’s where repurposed content can help.

By repurposing content, you can save time, reach more people and keep the content beast fed a little while longer.

This infographic from Express Writers shares tips for adapting content to new formats so you can get as much power out of the approach as possible.

Here are a few ways you can get more mileage out of articles you’ve already written:

1. Design an infographic. Infographics are 30 times more likely to drive views than an article would.

2. Make a video. Seventy percent of businesses say videos are a highly effective content marketing tactic.

3. Create a presentation. Sixty-seven percent of people say they’re likely to be convinced by presentations with visuals.

4. Record a podcast. Fifteen percent of Americans listen to podcasts of repurposed content—and that number is quickly growing.

See more in the infographic below:

(View a larger image.)

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