Infographic: The formula for a perfect explainer video

Some top-performing creations help educate an audience about how to use a product or service. Here are tips for producing your own helpful how-to.

What compels a viewer to click on your video and stay until the end?

In many cases, it’s finding a step-by-step solution to a pressing problem or perplexing task.

Some of the top-performing videos on platforms such as YouTube are explainer or how-to videos.

These opportunities can be a sweet spot for brand managers looking to find new customers online. Often, a business or service exists to fill a specific consumer need. By addressing that need with an explainer video, you can help increase your SEO and establish your organization as an industry leader.

What goes into a good explainer video?

This infographic from Breadnbeyond offers templates for different types of videos and insights for crafting a winning script.

Key insights include:

  • Always use the active voice and robust language in your script.
  • Mention competitors. Your audience will go looking for them anyway.
  • On average, users will watch 46.2 seconds of your video—so get to the point quickly.

For more tips on how to create a clever video that will develop new sales leads and establish your organization as a industry powerhouse, read the full infographic.

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