Infographic: The most influential types of content

What content encourages your customers to buy from you? If you don’t know, this infographic will steer you in the right direction.

Communicators often talk about “feeding the content beast,” the need to continuously churn out content for hordes of information-and-idea-hungry customers.

But is all that content really necessary to get people to buy from you?

An infographic from Eccolo Media argues it’s not. The infographic recommends determining what type of content your audience values most, and producing less, but higher-quality, content of that type.

The infographic reveals the results of a survey that asked B2B technology buyers how much and what type of content they consumed before making a purchase.

Most buyers reported consuming only two to five pieces of marketing content before they made a purchase. They said product brochures, white papers and case studies were the most influential content types. The infographic recommends researching your audience to determine what type of content encourages them to buy.

Take a deep breath and check out this infographic before you waste any more time creating content that won’t boost the bottom line.

(View a larger image.)

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