Infographic: Tips to boost your email open rate

Writing shorter subject lines and sending fewer missives are just the beginning.

How many unread promotional emails are in your inbox?

Gmail simply tells me I have 99+, but I probably have well over 300.

The subject lines feature dozens of tactics that marketers think will get me to open their emails: emojis, exclamation points, “SALE” (in all caps) and clever wordplay. One subject line simply says, “You need this.”

Everyone has their motives for deciding whether to open emails: They love a certain brand more than others, they find value in certain organizations’ missives, or they’re shopping for something in particular. How, then, can you persuade as many people as possible to read your messages?

An infographic by Campaigner offers tips including:

  • Adjust your send frequency: If you bombard customers with email, they’ll be less inclined to open what you send. Ninety-one percent of Americans say they like receiving marketing messages, but only 15 percent want to receive them every day.
  • Use numbers in your subject lines: Numbers are just as effective in emails as they are in article headlines. Subject lines that include numbers have an open and reply rate of 53.2 percent.
  • Shorten your subject lines: The optimal length is 30 characters or fewer.

Check out the infographic below for more:

(View a larger image.)

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