Infographic: What not to eat or drink before a presentation

How you fuel your body before you step up to the lectern is just as important as practice and other preparations.

What should you eat before a big presentation?

Perhaps more important, what should you avoid?

Americans fear public speaking more than just about anything else. Careless consumption can make anxiety even worse and lead to untimely gastrointestinal gaffes.

According to Ethos3, it’s best to keep it light and healthy before giving a presentation. They recommend the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast), and other foods rich in soluble fibers. Caffeine, fatty foods and, yes, booze are best avoided before speaking publicly, lest your speech be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Before devouring that burrito and chugging that tall latte to fuel up for your next talk, read through Ethos3’s infographic.

(view larger image)

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