Infographic: What to do (and not do) in a presentation

If you want to avoid being throttled by your next audience, review this public speaking checklist.

It is what you say and how you say it—but it’s also about what you don’t say or do.

Presentations are a creative exercise. However, there is a formula for success. Certain tactics are bound to endear you to an audience. Others might make them want to strangle you to make the talking stop.

Walkerstone created an infographic to guide you through the presentation process. Its checklist offers solid reminders such as grabbing attention in your opening, practicing your speech before the big day, incorporating props and using body language to emphasize key points. It’s also wise to make eye contact and ask questions to keep the audience engaged.

The infographic also covers public speaking taboos such as reading slides verbatim, pacing, fidgeting or talking for too long. (The average human attention span is now roughly eight seconds, as the piece points out.)

Read through the infographic for a tidy checklist to review before your next speaking engagement.

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