Infographic: Why personalized marketing is key in 2015

According to this infographic, organizations that use personalized marketing see a 19 percent bump in sales. What are you waiting for?

Do you remember how excited you were as a kid when you saw a keychain, backpack or other item with your name on it?

No matter how old we get, we still love personalization. Except as adults we’ve swapped keychains for custom Netflix queues and personalized emails.

An infographic from Formstack predicts personalized marketing will be the key to increasing revenue and results in 2015. Here are some reasons why:

  • Forty-five percent of online shoppers are more likely to use websites that feature personalized recommendations.
  • Personalized emails have 25 percent higher open rates and 51 percent higher click rates.
  • Organizations that effectively use personalized marketing see, on average, a 19 percent bump in sales.

There’s more in the infographic below:

(View a larger image.)

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