Intel triples traffic to Web magazine in under a year

The chipmaker drove 657,000 unique visitors to its iQ site by betting the promotional budget on its best-performing stories.

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If you’re spending money to promote your content, there are two ways to play it, says Intel’s Luke B. Kintigh.

You can act like a mutual fund manager, buying and holding your media promotions and hoping for the best. Or, like a day trader, you can shift money rapidly and double down on your high performers.

Intel chose the latter approach for its Web publication iQ, cutting its losses on less-popular content and promoting its best-read stories on channels such as Facebook, Outbrain, LinkedIn, Twitter, Taboola, and Reddit. Rather than reducing its page views, this strategy tripled iQ’s traffic in under a year.

Monthly unique visitors shot up to 657,000 unique visitors in September from 200,000-250,000 a year prior. That means the value of its promotional spending also shot up.

“We’ve seen five to six times the traffic delivered to our website for the same amount of budget,” says Kintigh, who is the semiconductor chipmaker’s global paid media and content strategist.

10 percent of content brings 90 percent of page views

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