Measurement prediction: ‘You will adapt or you will die’

That’s one of 10 things you should expect this year, according to measurement guru Katie Paine. Find out what else awaits you.

Here’s what your life in PR and social media measurement will be like this year.

#1. You will adapt or you will die, part one.

Flexibility will win out over price of measurement vendors. The ability to adapt to changing influencer lists, media lists, etc., will become a primary differentiator for which companies win contracts.

#2. You will adapt or you will die, part two.

To get a job in PR you will need to have studied statistics, and to have experience in both analytics and social media. Dozens of experienced PR pros will be passed over for new graduates with these skills. Dinosaurs will be dropping like it’s the Cretaceous all over again.

#3. You will go mobile.

Measuring mobile will be required, and every measurement platform will need to run on an iPad.

#4. You will be bought or sold.

There will be more measurement market consolidation. Likely takeover candidates include Carma, Traackr and CustomScoop.

#5. You will face new measurement competition.

More big companies will try to muscle in on the measurement marketplace. Keep your eye on Oracle.

#6. Your news will lose the race for coverage.

Elections and the Olympics will steal all media oxygen. Everyone else’s media results will decline.

#7. You will not join another social media platform.

There will be no new Facebook or Twitter.

#8. Your social media measurement will become more focused and effective.

Social media measurement standards will be established.

#9. You will learn many new and exciting things about social media and measurement.

A dozen new social media books will be published, including “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” by Beth Kanter and Katie Paine. You will purchase at least one of them.

#10. You will use social media to change the world.

Several dictators, corporations and celebrities will make people angry enough to force them out. Social media will be the eyes, ears and voice behind these changes.

Katie Delahaye Paine is CEO of KDPaine & Partners, and publisher of The Measurement Standard newsletter, in which this article first appeared.

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