Nonprofit organization issues an all-GIF press release

ChildFund International has a slightly different message for consumers this Mother’s Day, but you’ll have to be fluent in moving images to decipher it.

Words? The modern press release needs no words—only GIFs.

Don’t believe me? Check out the latest press release from ChildFund International (not to be confused with George Costanza’s Human Fund). The nonprofit issued a GIF-only press release to support its annual Real Gifts catalog.

In an email to PR Daily, a ChildFund International rep called the press release “a quirky way to draw attention to how people can give more meaningful gifts than traditional flowers and candy this Mother’s Day.”

ChildFund International’s goal is to bring useful items like goats, cows and chickens to families around the world that need them. There are more than 100 such items for purchase in the organization’s Real Gifts catalog.

In GIFs, the message looks like this:

You can check out the full press release here and find a translation here.

The image-laden release follows in the footsteps of Chevy’s all-emoji press release that the auto brand shared last summer.

What do you think of the tactic, Ragan readers? Is this a new direction for press releases, or just a novel stunt?

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