NYU hospital commemorates Hurricane Sandy with a birthday party

A year after Hurricane Sandy, the communications and marketing staff at NYU Langone Medical Center throw a birthday party for the babies born the day the storm hit.

A crisis is often something people want to forget.

Sometimes, though they deserve moments of commemoration. Take Hurricane Sandy, the devastating storm that did massive damage in New York and New Jersey last year. The staff at New York University’s Langone Medical Center wanted to mark its anniversary, but had to be very cautious about how.

“We were sitting around in a communications staff meeting, thinking, what can we do to really celebrate this, to make that lemon that happened into some lemonade?” Kathy Lewis, the center’s senior vice president of communications and marketing said in an interview with Ragan Communications CEO Mark Ragan.

In the video below, Lewis, Langone’s Director of Digital Communications Allyson Collins, and Senior Public Relations Specialist Allison Clair discuss how they decided to throw a birthday party for the babies born the day the storm hit, and what a success that turned out to be.


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