Proving the business value of the intranet

A free new download offers tips for winning the bosses’ approval for upgrading this essential internal channel—and how to keep the momentum going once it launched.

How to win support for your intranet

Want to help employees collaborate, promote change or help them understand major initiatives?

The intranet remains one of the most essential channels at most major organizations.

But if you’ve got a clunker from the early 2000s, you can’t meet the communication needs of a generation of digital natives.

How, then, to convince the higher-ups holding the purse strings of the need to invest in a modern intranet?

A free report from Rightpoint and Ragan Communications, “9 Ways to Earn—and Keep—Executive Support for a New Intranet,” offers tips, tactics and techniques for proving the value of a new intranet to penny-pinching leaders.

This download will not only help you prove the business value of a new intranet, it will show you how to build on your launch.

Urgent need

The need is urgent, says Kim Clark, affiliate consultant with Ragan Consulting group.

“Nine out of 10 times, there is a pretty significant communication breakdown that’s going on in the business if the intranet is not strategically designed and executed,” she says.

This free download reveals:

  • The questions you must ask to get going, starting with “Why are you upgrading your digital workplace?” and “What business purpose does your organization hope to accomplish?”
  • Collaboration benefits you can gain with the right kind of intranet.
  • The role of data insights in keeping your intranet a busy digital hub, rather than a lonely corporate ghost town.
  • The importance of efficiency gains across major organizations, and why even 30 minutes a week saved is a quantifiable cost savings.
  • Why a one-stop source of truth is a must—and how it can save you grief in crises.
  • Retention gains that you can affect through an intranet.
  • The importance of digital architecture in keeping your intranet humming.

Download your free guide here.

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