Breaking new ground: 3 award-winning examples of of multimedia communications

A look at some of the winners of our Video, Visual and Virtual Awards.

Multimedia approaches can help communicators tell their stories in ways that allow for maximum engagement. When done right, multimedia storytelling via video, podcasts, virtual experiences and more can dazzle the senses and stand as testaments to the creativity of the individuals behind them.

We’ve highlighted some of the winners from the 2023 Ragan’s Video, Visual & Virtual Awards to take a closer look at their strategies and successes. Also, don’t forget to apply to this year’s awards by the July 19 deadline.

Food and Beverage Video: Kroger spices things up


The background: If you’re into the food scene, you’ve probably heard of New Mexico’s Hatch chiles. They’re a symbol of the Land of Enchantment and an increasingly popular pepper in a sometimes heat-obsessed culinary world.

Kroger wanted to show that Hatch chiles aren’t just tasty peppers — there are people and processes behind the scenes that bring them to fruition. To do so, Kroger made a video that featured the farms that brought these chiles to tables across America. By featuring farmers and the hard work that goes into growing and harvesting these chiles, Kroger humanized its storytelling and provided perspective to shoppers..

The video and partnership with the chile farmers was a success, marked by increased sales of Hatch chiles and a positive community response. The campaign also helped spread the word of Hatch chiles beyond the borders of New Mexico, increasing its popularity around the country.

The takeaway: Smart video collaborations can bring new stories to previously untapped audiences and add a human element to brand storytelling.

 Documentary: 3M shows its skills


The background: Documentary films provide a closer look into people and topics that don’t always have the spotlight. To shine a positive light upon skilled trade workers, 3M partnered with Generous Films to show the contributions trade workers make and to dispel misconceptions about working in skilled trades such as construction.

The film drew inspiration from 3M’s State of Science Survey, which showed that nine in 10 people felt more people would join trade careers if the perception of them improved.

The film debuted at a Sundance Film Festival event and went on to be accepted into six film festivals and was translated into 12 languages. It’s earned over 60,000 views and earned 142 media placements with outlets including People, Forbes, and Variety.

The takeaway: Great video production can help increase focus and engagement with a subject.

Photography: Bristol Myers Squibb captures lived experiences


The background: In the pharmaceutical world, it’s important to speak directly to consumers. To emphasize its patient-centric approach, Bristol Myers Squibb worked with comms agency HUMAN to dive deep into patient stories. The documentary project aimed to show that behind the pharmaceutical industry, there are people and individual stories that make up a unique experience that bridges ages and ethnicities.

The documentary, titled “LIVING”, focused on the health crises of several individuals across the globe, highlighting the unity in struggle and humanity. With an uplifting tone and a story rooted in hope, the film focuses on each person’s hope and reasons for persevering amid health problems.

The film was shown internally to over 30,000 Bristol Myers Squibb employees to an overwhelmingly positive response. The film premiered at the SXSW festival in Austin, to similarly positive reviews. The venue was standing room only for the premiere, and the film has since seen views from around the globe.

The takeaways: There’s a human story in almost any industry — it’s up to you to unpack it and showcase it.

Sean Devlin is an editor at Ragan Communications. In his spare time he enjoys Philly sports and hosting trivia.

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