Anita Myers

Anita Myers

Training Manager, eCommerce Sector, North America - DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain is a member of Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council.

Anita Myers is an energized and dedicated professional with over 12 years of operational and training experience. She joined DHL in 2015 as an Operations Supervisor, supporting various sectors and start-ups. She quickly excelled in her role and was recognized for her exceptional performance, which led to increased responsibilities and the opportunity to take on new challenges.

Her passion for training and development became evident as she took on the role of Training Supervisor, where she played a key role in establishing the foundation of DSC’s North Central Recruiting and Training Center. Anita's dedication and expertise in training led her to become the Training Manager for the ASOS account in Atlanta, GA, where she successfully launched the ASOS training program and implemented a standardized onboarding process for new hires.

Building on her success as a site Training Manager, Anita has continued to excel in her career. She assumed the role of Regional Certified Facilitator, where she facilitated multiple certified courses and achieved the title of Master Facilitator in Facilitation Skills and CSCS Foundation Train the Facilitator (TTF).

With her extensive operational experience, exceptional training skills, and facilitation expertise, Anita is a valuable asset to DHL. In her now most current role as a sector Training Manager for eCommerce, she continues to drive the success of the sector’s leaders by overseeing training initiatives, enhancing the onboarding process, and ensuring the seamless integration of new team members.