Blair Broussard

Director of People Operations - RNGD

Blair Broussard serves as the Director of People Operations at RNGD, where she champions a culture of empowerment, growth, and inclusivity for renegades. She drives organizational excellence through innovative and strategic HR and communications strategies, committed to nurturing and developing renegades to achieve revolutionary results.

An award-winning disruptor of the PR agency model, Blair is renowned for pioneering an integrated PR and marketing approach. With a track record of spearheading impactful campaigns for esteemed global entities like Cartoon Network, Lime Scooters, and Google, Blair has left an indelible mark on the industry landscape. Her leadership in nationally recognized B2B tech agencies has consistently delivered exceptional results, achieving an impressive 30% year-over-year revenue growth for over a decade.

Driven by a relentless mission to elevate brands and businesses, Blair specializes in strategic communications, adept reputation management, and fostering positive company cultures. Her innovative strategies have not only garnered acclaim but have also transformed the way businesses engage with their audiences. With a firm commitment to staying ahead of the curve, Blair continually seeks out new avenues to push boundaries and redefine success at the intersection of integrated communications and HR.