Sara Whitman

Chief People Officer - Hot Paper Lantern

To stand a chance in today’s world, organizations must invest in people in ways that attract and nurture the very best talent. That’s no easy task, but it’s precisely what keeps Sara Whitman’s mind turning and coming to work each day with unbounding energy and passion.

Sara is a founding member of the executive team at Hot Paper Lantern. She leads the agency’s employee engagement and internal communications work for its global client base. As Chief People Officer, she also runs the talent management and human resources function at the organization. In her role, Sara marries business and communication strategy, vision, and operations, with the skills, experience, and interests of people.

Sara is a member of the International Coach Federation and the Society for Human Resource Management. She holds a PHR certification and is a graduate of the Erickson Coaching International coaching program. Sara is also the founder of At the Start, a coaching consultancy supporting teens and adults as they navigate their lives and early career decisions.