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DON’T MISS OUT! Join us for Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Conference at the Grand Hyatt, Denver

Join Ragan and hundreds of your peers at the annual Workplace Wellness Conference, where you'll be treated to best-in-class content, access to wellness leaders and solutions providers, and have a unique opportunity to connect all the dots in your wellness strategy. Never has the wellbeing of your employees been as critical as now. Be a part of the employee wellness revolution by joining us in August!

It will feature thought-provoking and real-world educational sessions on topics including employee experience, HR tech, culture & purpose, mental, physical, and financial wellbeing, DE&I and more!





  • A future-focused approach to Total Rewards that improves employee retention, culture and overall job performance.
  • Mental health initiatives in the workplace that lead to positive change and reduce stigma.
  • The unique and varying employee needs related to overall health and wellbeing based on DE&I and goals to avoid benefits shortcomings.
  • How to create a wellness strategy to retain, recruit and engage a multi-generational workforce.
  • Leadership’s role as a constant megaphone in supporting, promoting and maintaining positive workplace wellness initiatives.
  • Strategies for HR and finance leaders to wholly support employees with financial planning education and resources.
  • Ways to internally market and measure your wellbeing initiatives’ effectiveness to identify what employees are using … and aren’t.
  • Solutions to increase employee engagement and foster the connection between social and emotional employee wellbeing.
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Pre-Conference Workshops
Monday, August 14
11 A.M.-12:30 P.M.
Boomers to Zoomers: The Nuts & Bolts of a Workplace Wellness Program

Currently, there are five generations in the workforce, with Boomers on their way out and Gen Z just starting their careers. This workshop will provide a step-by-step guide to creating a large multi-generational organization wellbeing program that includes delegating leadership support, establishing a wellness committee, implementing an incentive-based program, creating a social system, measuring success and more. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of a wellness strategy to retain, recruit and engage a multi-generational workforce.
  • Wellness needs and must-haves across various life stages.
  • The role of DE&I in crafting a multi-generational wellbeing program.
12:30-1 P.M.
Snack Break
1-2:30 P.M.
Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Join mental health advocates from the American Psychological Association and corporate HR experts as they detail the ways employee mental health can negatively impact organizational effectiveness and how to develop a culture of wellbeing that is stigma-free. You’ll discover how to:

  • Start and sustain important conversations around mental health with employees on an organizational and peer level.
  • Leverage campaigns, internal partnerships and communications channels to extend your reach of employee mental health programs and initiatives.
  • Track the “meaningful” metrics to effectively measure your organizational impact on employee mental wellbeing and make appropriate adjustments to your programs.
2:30-3 P.M.
Snack Break
3-4:30 P.M.
Communications Workshop: Wellness Strategy & Storytelling for Communicators

The most robust wellness programs will have poor engagement if not supported by equally robust communications efforts enterprise-wide — forcing you to fall short of your organization’s wellness goals. By taking the time to plan a year-round communication program and following best practice guidelines, you will be on your way to a successful wellness program. Corporate comms professionals will make sure you understand:

  • How to develop a customized and targeted wellness communication strategy.
  • The best way to brand, present and distribute your messaging.
  • Why key messages should form the basis of all your wellness communications to promote understanding and participation.
  • Overcoming communication obstacles like a remote workforce and privacy concerns.
4:45-6:30 P.M.
Out on the Town

Join us for a walkable evening of fun in downtown Denver. Grab drinks and get to know your fellow attendees. Find out what brings us all together. More details to come.

Day 1 - Main Conference
Tuesday, August 15
8-8:30 A.M.
8-9 A.M.
Networking Breakfast

Grab a bite to eat, fill your coffee cup and prepare yourself for an enlightening day.

9-9:20 A.M.
Opening Remarks & 7 Wellness Trends Shaping the Workplace
9:20-9:40 A.M.
The Future of Workplace Wellness

What are the big wellness initiatives and trends just over the horizon? What are the opportunities and how can companies achieve holistic wellbeing? What data should organizations be focused on to ensure success? Sit back and gaze into the future of wellness at work.

9:45-10:15 A.M.
Mental Health Initiatives That Lead to Positive Change

Sixty-seven percent of employers are planning to make employee mental health and emotional wellbeing programs one of their top three priorities over the next three years, according to Willis Towers Watson (WTW). This session will focus on insights needed to create a space where employees feel safe to express themselves and thrive. You’ll discover:

  • How manager training, such as general mental health awareness or identification and intervention training is essential.
  • Partnering with employee resource groups (ERGs) to address population-specific mental health issues.
  • How to leverage manager communications to detect and diffuse burnout.
  • Providing digital behavioral health support to make it easy for employees to seek help or treatment.
  • Evaluating cultural competencies within the behavioral health provider network.
10:15-10:30 A.M.
Networking Break
10:30-11:20 A.M.
Total Rewards: Finding the Right Mix for Your Organization

What does your Total Rewards program look like? Is it the right mix of financial and non-financial offerings? To create a robust Total Rewards program, you must have an organizational strategy that optimizes your costs and investments and provides benefits that can work for everyone in your organization. Dig into strategy with Total Rewards consultants and a CHRO as they show you how to address everyone’s holistic wellbeing — and help your bottom line. You’ll learn:

  • How to get the mix right to compete in the global talent marketplace.
  • The costs and financial significance for organizations associated with benefit options and how to strategically budget for those expenses.
  • The changing expectations of a multi-generational workforce and what benefits matter most to each.
  • A future-focused approach to rewards that improves employee retention, culture and overall job performance.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your Total Rewards benefits and strategy.
11:25-11:55 A.M.
Interactive Session
What’s Working/What’s Not

Join your peers in a lively discussion (and some debate) on the benefits that are working in their organization, the ones not working so well and out-of-the-box benefits and rewards that are gaining traction. You’ll come away with a handful of ideas to take back to your office. One designated representative from each table will share the findings around your topic with the audience.

12-2 P.M.
The Ragan Workplace Wellness Awards & Networking Luncheon

Hear about and celebrate the accomplishments of the people, agencies and organizations pushing wellness forward. Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Awards are the benchmark of excellence for high-performing organizations that take employee wellbeing seriously. These awards recognize the most effective corporate wellbeing, HR and communications programs and people worldwide creating healthy workplaces including categories like DE&I Programs, Outstanding Total Rewards Programs, Mental Health Initiatives, Wellness Communicator and more. This event is included with your conference registration.

2-2:30 P.M.
Winners Tell All
Workplace Wellness Award Winners Share Secrets of Success

Learn from some of the winners of the Ragan Workplace Wellness Awards as they share campaign strategies and tactics that led to meaningful outcomes for employers and their organization. Plus, we’ll make time for Q&A so you can get your questions answered.

2:30-2:40 P.M.
2:40-3 P.M.
Case Study
Wellness & DEI: A Formula That Stands the Test of Time

Taking a blanket approach to benefits doesn’t address everyone’s needs in an organization and may even be seen as severely lacking tenets of diversity, equality and inclusion. One company addressed its shortcoming by using internal data, the lessons learned over the years and tapping into Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to find and address the benefits shortcomings that were hurting their business and running counter to their DE&I initiatives and goals. We’ll cover how to:

  • Emphasize that your DE&I initiative is a core value rather than a peripheral task.
  • Understand the unique and varying employee needs related to overall health and wellbeing based on DE&I.
  • Collaborate with wellbeing leaders and teams that champion DE&I goals and initiatives.
  • Create sponsorship programs to provide opportunities for underrepresented groups.
  • Communicate expectations and hold leaders accountable for results.
3-3:25 P.M.
Executing a Dispersed Workplace Wellness Action Plan

Many organizations dispersed their workforce with the onset of the pandemic and now must rethink workplace wellness to address an increasing number of employees working from home. While studies suggest remote work has positively improved employees’ work-life balance, it also has increased workers' declining mental and physical health. As working from home becomes the new normal, this session will explore its impact on employees’ whole wellbeing and identify steps employers can take to maintain a healthy workforce. Learn how to:

  • Ensure your wellness programs are touching all areas of the workforce … wherever they are.
  • Strategies and tactics for communicating wellness benefits with your dispersed employee base.
  • What successful collaboration, teamwork, ERGs look like for remote teams.
  • Create clear remote work policies that are compliant with regulations and avoid putting the organization at risk, including safety protocols.
3:25-3:45 P.M.
Case Study
Leadership’s Role in Organizational Wellbeing Success

Leadership across organizations should be a constant megaphone in supporting, promoting and maintaining positive workplace wellness. Discover ways in which one multi-division organization’s leaders engage with and encourage employees to take full advantage of the benefits available — and what that means for HR, Comms and the C-suite in supporting those efforts. We’ll discuss:

  • Leadership’s role in assessing and securing the right combination of benefits.
  • How leadership commitment and support can build a culture of health into long-term strategies.
  • Thought leadership strategies to encourage employee wellness engagement (think mindfulness) beyond the launch of new benefits and programs.
  • How to measure the impact of C-suite actions on the organization’s overall wellbeing.
3:45-4:10 P.M.
Recruiting Military Vets and People with Disabilities

Two groups of talent that can find themselves underemployed are military vets and people with disabilities, yet oftentimes, they are hungry to work. HR plays the leading role in ensuring these groups are part of a company’s overall hiring plan by conducting targeted outreach to attract qualified candidates and offering wellness benefits that address the needs of vets and people with disabilities to help them thrive in your organization. You’ll walk away with:

  • An actionable and focused recruitment plan.
  • Wellness resources that address the needs of those with disabilities and military vets.
  • How ESGs can play a crucial role in peer-to-peer networking by like groups.
  • The types of training needed for your people managers on disability awareness and reasonable accommodation.
4:10-4:35 P.M.
Occupational Wellbeing for Employee Loyalty & Growth

Employees that feel there is a clear career path for them at their organization are more likely to stick around as they pursue their career growth and, in turn, the growth of the organization. HR and employee engagement experts will show you how to prepare for the future with professional development opportunities that nurture career paths. Discover how solid structures, fair rules and professional relationships can positively shape the workforce. Plus:

  • Employee recognition programs that support career growth and aren’t tone-deaf.
  • Retaining top talent and maintaining morale, equity and connection in a dispersed workforce model.
  • Professional development and training opportunities for employees that everyone can benefit from.
  • Right-sizing role workloads and responsibilities for an even playing field.
4:35-5 P.M.
Roundtable Hackathon

Each table discusses their highlights, key talking points and surprising facts from Day 1 of the Workplace Wellness Conference. One designated representative from each table will then share their group’s top takeaways with the room for discussion.

5:30-7 P.M.
Reception & Workplace Wellness Hot List Awards

Wind down from the first full day of the conference with new friends and celebrate Ragan’s Hot List honorees that offer leading tools and technologies in the wellbeing space.

7 P.M.
Dine Around with New Friends
Day 2 - Main Conference
Wednesday, August 16
7:30-8 A.M.
Wellness Walk
8-9 A.M.
Networking Breakfast
9-9:10 A.M.
Opening Remarks
9:15-9:35 A.M.
The Bottom Line on Employee Financial Wellbeing: Strategies that Work

It’s on HR and finance leaders to build out the financial arm of wellbeing for employees. In this session, you’ll discover how companies are shifting to wholly support employees with financial planning education and resources around budgeting, building an emergency plan, managing debt, insurance options, improving credit scores, retirement and more. You’ll walk away with:

  • Key data on workplace financial stress and educational needs of workers.
  • Real member stories from employees and their outcomes.
  • How to help employees proactively prepare for economic downturns.
  • Strategies to turn financial wellbeing insights into action.
9:40-10 A.M.
Ensuring Working Parents and Caregivers Know You Have Their Back

You may have more caregivers in your workforce than you realize as an estimated 47% of middle-aged Americans support family members over the age of 65 and children under 18, taking on more responsibilities as in-home care and adult day care is less attainable. Half of those caregivers feel those responsibilities are having a negative impact on their career growth … and their health. Discover ways to loosen leave policies or provide flexible work arrangements, explore ways to provide financial support, and ensure you have the resources caregivers are searching for. You’ll also hear:

  • The particular obstacles parents and caregivers face daily and how to help lighten their loads.
  • How the C-suite can take an active role in affecting change.
  • HR’s rising priority to drive business success and evolve the workplace with tailored solutions.
  • How to develop success plans that account for both employee and employer needs and impact the bottom line.
10-10:20 P.M.
Case Study
Measurement That Matters and Moves the Needle

Discover how one company tapped into data to break apart and reimagine its wellness program. After understanding how its original wellness program was falling short, it worked on building a program that addressed everything from mental and physical health to occupational safety and employee inclusion. You’ll learn how to positively move the needle by:

  • Measuring the effectiveness and use of your programs to identify what employees are using and what they aren’t.
  • Underscoring employee engagement in critical benefit features like EAPs.
  • The art of pivoting to address ever-changing employee wellbeing needs.
10:20-10:40 A.M.
Mindful Session & Networking Break
10:40-11 A.M.
Let’s Work Together: Harmonizing HR and Internal Comms

A robust and strategic partnership between HR and internal communicators can play a significant role in the wellbeing of the individual, team and enterprise. This partnership can lead to engaging wellbeing initiatives that can make a real difference on the bottom line and, subsequently, the impact on the organization. By working together, this partnership should lean in to improve awareness and activation of wellness benefits, creating a culture of wellness in the process. You’ll hear from an internal comms and HR team:

  • How to work seamlessly internally to market your wellbeing initiatives and opportunities for employees.
  • Ways to build a culture of health into your organization’s long-term goals through leadership communications and ongoing wellbeing messaging.
  • Identifying what’s working and what’s not in benefit campaigns.
  • Encouraging employee wellness through engagement survey feedback, weekly webinars and a volunteer network of internal health champions.
11-11:10 A.M.
11:10-11:35 A.M.
Smart Cannabis Policy Planning

The tide appears to be turning for cannabis use in the U.S. with more states approving medical and recreational use, the pardoning of simple marijuana possessions, and the Dept. of Health and Human Services actively looking at removing cannabis from being classified as a dangerous substance. With more and more adults partaking, zero-tolerance policies could hurt organizations’ talent acquisitions. Experts will weigh in on:

  • How cannabis actually affects individuals and what that means for the workplace.
  • Reviewing your drug-use and drug-testing policies to ensure that they clearly explain your expectations regarding impairment, marijuana use outside of company time and drug testing.
  • The best way to create a smart cannabis policy that retains a safe and productive workforce while avoiding stigmatizing employees.
11:35 A.M.-12 P.M.
Firstside Chat
The Next Tech Frontier in Wellness

Gain insights from an innovation leader on how technology is helping to solve many of the HR and workplace wellness issues facing organizations by merging people, information and insights together to work smarter and address the wellbeing of all individuals.

12:05-12:25 P.M.
Cutting-Edge Tech to Accelerate Your Wellness Goals

Unbox the latest tools, technologies and services to help elevate your wellness programs, including digital workspaces, mobile apps, measurement dashboards, coaching services, rewards programs and more. We’ll uncover:

  • How to benchmark current capabilities to understand what new technology is required.
  • The needs vs. wants vs. nice-to-haves.
  • How to future-proof your investment to get the best ROI.
  • The importance of internal digital platform champions to increase adoption.
12:30-1:30 P.M.
Mindful Eating Session (AKA LUNCH)

Mingle with new friends and enjoy the delicious fare.

1:30-2 P.M.
Social Wellbeing and the Water Cooler Effect

Humans are social beings who share, develop and sustain meaningful relationships with others. The more employees work with others from anywhere, the deeper these ties can become. Join HR and employee engagement experts as they dive into how they fostered a more socially interactive workforce via multiple employee touchpoints including Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and digital collaboration tools. You’ll discover how to:

  • Build an employee communication hub that increases employee engagement and centralizes internal communications.
  • Foster the connection between social and emotional wellbeing.
  • Bring staff together in creative ways from small team events to company-sponsored community events.
2-2:30 P.M.
The Role of the Communicator

Senior comms execs share their expertise in messaging around wellness to cultivate engagement and promote a healthy culture.

2:30-2:50 P.M.
Cultivating Mindful Leadership and Lifestyle

As a leader, you must stay grounded and authentic. The “practice” of mindfulness is self-regulation; it allows you to be aware of your presence (be in the present) and the ways you impact other people. Discover the inspirational timeless techniques that can help you and your teams reduce stress, pressure and anxiety in the workplace … and as a way of life.

2:50-3 P.M.
Top Takeaways/Parting Thoughts/Raffle Giveaways
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