Report: Consumers 55 and older watch more YouTube ads, but marketers are ignoring them

Most brand managers target Generation X consumers and millennials with their messages on the platform, but don’t miss out on an engaged audience with money to spend.

Younger consumers might comprise YouTube’s future, but advertisers shouldn’t ignore parts of its present audience.

Ask teenagers about their TV viewing, and you’ll notice a trend: Even though most teenagers watch a few shows on TV, they’re far more likely to rattle off a list of YouTube stars they follow.

However, they’re not the only audience turning to the platform.

Recent data from StrikeSocial dives into the generational divide on YouTube across industries. What they found was that Baby Boomers—consumers over the age of 53—have been overlooked as potential advertising targets.

YouTube reaches 81 percent of consumers in the United States who use the internet. Of that crowd, 39 percent are millennials (ages 18 to 34), 37 percent are Generation X consumers (ages 35 to 54) and 24 percent are baby boomers (ages 55 and over).

Last year, millennials and Generation X were targeted with much more of marketers’ budgets on the platform—by 156 and 137 percent, respectively—compared to baby boomers. However, baby boomers are actually spending more than any other generation—roughly half (48 percent) of consumer expenses each year.

Plus, across devices, Boomers are more likely to view ads:

StrikeSocial wrote in its report:

The possibilities to reach boomers on YouTube are limitless. They watch more ads than anyone else on every device and have greater purchasing power to pursue their interests.

How can PR and marketing pros take advantage of older YouTube users’ attention spans?

Along with identifying what type of content baby boomers enjoy watching and catering your campaigns to meet their needs, consider targeting specific devices based on your goals.

Strike Social’s report revealed that the consumer group’s highest view rate for ads takes place on desktops (33 percent) followed by tablets (30.2 percent)—but the highest click-through-rate is through their phones (1.19 percent).

For more insights, check out the full report here.

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