Report: What influencers require to partner with brands

Most marketers have used the tactic in their campaigns, and 94 percent said it was effective. Which social media heavyweight should you work with, though? Consider these findings.

If you think influencer marketing is a joke or a passing fad, it’s time to reconsider.

A recent Linqia study found that 86 percent of marketers have used influencer marketing, and a whopping 94 percent have found the tactic effective.

As the skeptics join the converted on partnering with social media stars to boost campaigns, the questions turn to who—as in who should be your partner(s) on the exciting journey?

Influencer marketing agency Clever published a study that asked influential social media users how they prefer to work with brands. The study found that those with large and engaged online followings prefer to feel brand affinity for their partners’ products or services. They want a degree of creative control and compensation commensurate with their efforts (if you’re looking for exclusivity, expect to pay up). These social media rockstars also value brands that tout diversity.

Clever reported the following findings:

  • More than 80 percent of respondents charge a premium for 30 days or more of brand exclusivity.
  • Brand affinity trumps compensation when social media users with large followings are choosing a program. For marketers, that means you should start with influential personalities who have already publicly spoken or posted positive comments about your brand.
  • 80 percent of social media heavyweights said they prefer not to work with brand managers if they have to give up too much creative control.
  • The bulk of influential online users’ income (71 percent) comes from sponsored content.

Facebook remains one of many social platforms where influencers are connecting with target audiences, but prepare to adapt your content and campaigns accordingly.

The platform recently announced incredibly positive earnings, but warned investors that growth may slow—for a good reason. The company is running out of space in its newsfeed, so it will probably turn to its messaging platforms, including Messenger and WhatsApp, to expand its advertising offerings. Other marketing pros can find success—especially when partnering with popular social media users—on Instagram.

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