RESEARCH: Here’s how CEOs feel about a four-day workweek

Findings of the 2022 HarrisX/Ragan CEO-Communicators Perceptions Survey reveal that CEOs support a four-day workweek more than comms leaders.

CEO-Communicators Perceptions Survey Findings from November 2022

The communications function is at an inflection point, as a renewed focus on work-life balance and employee culture have made the C-suite more aware of the work communicators do.

With that in mind, Ragan Communications partnered with research consultancy HarrisX in the fall of 2022 to understand how CEOs and communications leaders view each other’s roles and responsibilities, what they value most and how they envision the future of work.

The survey was conducted by HarrisX from Oct. 11-24 within the U.S. among 360 CEOs and high-ranking senior communications.

Asked whether they would support their organization switching to a four-day workweek, 82% of CEOs said they would support it compared to 74% of comms leaders. While support for a four-day workweek dropped when considering impact on productivity, over half of the CEOs surveyed (58%) still support the idea, compared to 34% of comms leaders. Meanwhile, 64% of CEOs said they still support a four-day workweek even if it meant lower bonuses — demonstrating that they have more concern about worker productivity than whether workers are being rewarded for their work.

Download the HarrisX-Ragan Key Findings Report here.

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