March 12–13, 2020 • WEBCAST

This is the social media conference of the year, connecting you with your communication peers and giving you the tips, takeaways and secrets to better connect with audiences across all online platforms. Oh, and it’s at Disney World!


As social media platforms present a dizzying array of opportunities for brand managers across industries and organizations, jumping on a current trend and creatively engaging with fans can bring success with tangible bottom-line ROI.

Not all social media strategies are created equal, however—and only savvy communicators with an eye for the right type of content, shared at the right time on the right platforms, stand to win.

Join us to learn from top experts making a splash online and glean tips, takeaways and secrets for connecting with your most passionate fans, crafting and distributing content that makes people click, avoiding blowback and criticism, and telling stories which can catapult your brand into consumers’ hearts.

Learn how to:

  • How to adapt social media strategies and tailor content to different audiences and changing algorithms
  • Ways to drive your organization’s brand through emotional storytelling and content
  • Tips for embracing video and podcasting trends to better reach audiences
  • Ways to work with content creators and influencers across social media platforms
  • Tips for reaching a dispersed workforce and effectively engaging (and exciting) employees
  • How to measure your content’s effectiveness and brand sentiment—and ways to use data to power your social media strategies

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Top 4 benefits of attending the webcast:

  • Attend this immensely popular conference from the convenience of your desk: No travel concerns, hotels or extra costs associated with attending the event live.
  • Watch with your entire team.
  • Order the webcast, and get six months of on-demand access to this inspirational conference that will transform your organization.
  • The ability to ask questions: This isn’t a passive experience. You and your team have the opportunity to ask questions, which can be relayed to speakers presenting at the event.



Order the webcast and get on-demand access to this inspirational conference that will transform your organization.

We will be livestreaming Track 1 of this event.

All three tracks will be included in the on demand recordings and be made available 7-10 business days after the event has concluded.

  • March 12 - 13:
  • Track 1: Best Practices Across Social Media Platforms
  • Track 2: Social Media Strategies for PR and Marketing
  • Track 3: Social Media Strategies for Internal Communications

Will you be joining us on March 11 in Disney World?
Executives from these leading brands will be!


Join us if you work in:

Marketing • Digital communications • Media relations • Employee engagement • Corporate communications • Social media • PR • Community management • Public affairs • HR • Executive communications • Branding • Global communications • Public information • Internal communications • Corporate affairs



Here are a few excellent takeaways you’ll bring back:

  • Ways to put your online audiences first with your content and messaging
  • How to walk the line between humor and information to best fit your brand voice while also cutting through the noise online
  • New best practices and tactics to put in your social media toolbox
  • The new rules of engagement across social media, especially with younger audiences
  • Secrets via pages from successful social media playbooks
  • How to optimize your content for mobile devices and short attention spans


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