Stuck for content? Use Google’s Keyword Tool

If you’re stumped for ideas, a Google search for your brand can provide ample inspiration.

The other night at dinner I sat between Andy Crestodina and Jeannie Walters, and we talked about content. Yes, we are a bunch of geeks who find this interesting dinner talk.

Like anyone else, we have trouble coming up with ideas, and Walters lamented how she doesn’t come up in search results for certain terms.

Crestodina whipped out his phone, brought up the Google Keyword Tool, and asked her what keywords she thought she should appear for in search results.

She said “customer experience.” Andy typed in the phrase and showed her the results.

He explained that “global monthly searches” means 135,000 people search for that term around the world, and 49,500 people search for it in the U.S.

That gave her a pretty good idea of what she has to do to educate potential clients on the term so the searches increase. Also, the competition for the term is medium, which means she’s probably competing with deeper pockets and resources for the term.

But that’s OK. She knows a few things now, like how she should create a page on her site called “customer experience” (with navigation to it on the home page).

By the way, when I log into my Google account and search “customer experience,” Walters’ new Google+ community pops up on the first page. She’s already ranking and doesn’t even know it. Google loves that she has that community.

Crestodina then took it a step further. He scrolled down so she could see what Google suggests she should rank for when people search the term:

You can see there are a lot of suggestions. But he recommended she focus only on the ones with low local monthly searches to start.

For instance, on Walters’ newly-created customer experience page, she should have examples, case studies, testimonials, white papers, or other content that talks about customer experience strategy, customer experience research, and customer experience improvement.

She walked away from dinner with a full belly and some great ideas for content that will keep her busy for at least a few weeks.

And I walked away with a really good reminder—and an article—on how easy it is to create content when you’re stumped.

Now it’s your turn. How can you use this advice to create your content?

Gini Dietrich is founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, Inc. A version of this article originally appeared on Spin Sucks.

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