Study: Thrill seekers and epicureans most engaged YouTube audiences

A recent report gave a state-by-state breakdown of viewers on the video platform, revealing interesting insights for marketers looking to target consumers.

As video continues to reign supreme, the question for marketers becomes: “Where should I place my video so people watch it?”

Strike Social has insights. The company set out gather data on the most engaged audiences on YouTube (based on each audience’s view rate and identified 31 YouTube advertising “affinity audiences” in 1,000 campaigns.

Strike Social wrote:

Affinity audiences are a targeting option that enables YouTube advertisers to reach people who might be interested in specific products or services. There are several categories to select from, such as pet lovers and cooking enthusiasts.

The study sought to find which audience group(s) is most interested in watching YouTube videos (and what types of video stood out), making them more likely to watch the accompanying ads.

The top engaged audiences across America, by far, are thrill seekers. Twenty out of 50 states and Washington D.C. identified the YouTube audience as its most engaged. That might signal marketers to target their advertising on those seeking adventure or stunt videos, but the group isn’t the only passionate viewer.

The study reported that cooking enthusiasts have a higher view rate—up to 70.8 percent (in Washington) compared to the high of 30.2 percent view rate thrill seekers have (in Nevada). Sixteen states have cooking enthusiasts that more heavily engage with YouTube videos and ads.

Marketers should also pay attention to trends in each state, if they want to target local audiences. New Mexico has the most social media enthusiasts (29.2 percent view rate), North Dakota residents watch do-it-yourself YouTube videos (30.1 percent) and Alaska, Hawaii and Maine hold fitness buffs (at almost a 30 percent view rate).

State-to-state trends might surprise you, too. Some had expected affinity audiences engaging with YouTube ads (nightlife lovers in New York), but others weren’t so obvious (they love watching fashion videos in Delaware, North Dakota and South Dakota).

“When running your YouTube campaigns, always consider testing out new audiences that might not fall directly within your typical target,” Strike Social wrote.

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