Survey: 65 percent of marketers say content efforts are successful

A recent report by the Content Marketing Institute revealed several characteristics of communicators who excel, along with the importance of cutting what isn’t working.

Content marketing has profoundly changed over the past decade.

There are more channels than ever to tell your organization’s story, and consumers are more willing than ever to receive messaging and valuable content from brand managers.

However, are marketers getting better at what they do? If content’s success is a measure of a communicator’s ability, the answer is yes.

New research from the Content Marketing Institute revealed that nearly 65 percent of marketers believe their content marketing efforts are more successful than they were a year ago.

What accounts for these winning efforts? CMI’s survey revealed a few characteristics of highly successful content marketers, which include:

The survey also reported that 80 percent of marketers focus on building their audiences, an 18 percent increase year over year.

What you don’t do in your content marketing campaigns can be as important as that in which you excel.

The survey reported that 64 percent of top performers said they stop doing the parts of their content marketing efforts that they found ineffective. It’s simple: If something isn’t working, don’t do it anymore.

As anyone who has put together a robust content marketing strategy and execution plan can tell you, these insights require sound key performance indicators, a measurement plan and analysis.

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