Survey reports rising demand for pet-friendly workplaces

Many report greater productivity when their pet is nearby.

Vetster, a veterinary telehealth platform, is advocating for the health and well-being benefits pets offer to people’s lives, even starting a #NationalPetDayOff campaign for giving back to pets for the upcoming National Pet Day (April 11).

A recent survey from OnePoll on behalf of Vetster highlights the role respondents feel pets play in the workplace. A few takeaways include:

  • Forty-eight percent of pet owners claim to be more productive at work when their pet is nearby.
  • Forty-six percent believe their pets help them be more social.
  • Thirty-nine percent believe their pets help them avoid burnout.
  • Six in 10 pet owners report leaving a job to find a more pet-friendly workplace.

With pet ownership surging over the COVID-19 pandemic, 70% of North American households have at least one pet. Vetster CEO Mark Bordo says, “Forward-thinking businesses wishing to retain their talent must make room for our four-legged friends.”


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