The best of the ‘Best of’ health care blogs

Just as a microscope’s series of lenses helps medical professionals analyze key elements, so can these compilations sharpen your focus on the industry’s vital signs.

Blogs are a great way to spread the word about what your organization is up to—new medications, cutting-edge technologies, patient success stories, and more. They also help savvy communicators take the pulse of the industry at large.

Whether you’re starting a blog for your organization or just want to see what’s out there, look at some of these “best of” lists:


Feedspot tracks blogs in many categories, including health care. Its “Top 100 blogs and websites for health care industry pros,” updated weekly, lists the most popular blogs in the industry based on Facebook fans, Twitter followers and other criteria.

Recently, the No. 1 blog was from Feedspot had this to say:

Modern Healthcare is the industry’s most trusted, credible and relied-upon news source. Modern Healthcare examines the most pressing healthcare issues and provides executives with the information they need to make the most informed business decisions and lead their organizations to success. It’s for this reason Modern Healthcare is deemed a “must-read publication” by the who’s who in healthcare.

Feedspot also notes the average number of blog posts per week and provides links to the latest posts.


Healthline’s compilation of “The Best Cancer Blogs of the Year” offers links to blogs for health care communicators who focus on cancer. Among the 18 cancer-related blogs Healthline features is Cancer Policy Matters:

When cancer takes center stage in the politics arena, The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship is here to advocate for you. Learn more about health and cancer policies in the United States and how tax money is allotted for cancer research. This blog will keep you in the know about how American healthcare reform will affect cancer research and care.

Today’s Business

“Top 10 Health and Wellness Blogs” provides links to blogs on such subjects as healthy eating, women’s fitness, men’s health and more. For example, Evidence in Motion:

Evidence in Motion (EIM) is an organization dedicated to changing the way people think about practitioners and continuing education. Their insightful posts (which often emphasize the therapy world) always seek to inspire and educate readers about what it really means to be part of the medical field. From quality data analyses to discussions on effective treatments, EIM is an important educational resource for anyone looking to enter the medical profession.

Live Clinic

Live Clinic’s “Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Blogs in 2017” covers the challenge of health care marketing, a significant concern for many health care communicators. Although some doctors feel marketing should be done only through patient referrals, as the site explains, “Others believe that sources such as medical SEO marketing and medical website marketing is key.” One resource for such information is the Medical Web Experts Blog:

Finding a specific healthcare marketing blog is a rare find, and the Medical Web Experts’ blog definitely has a strong hold on the niche. Read detailed reports on medical content writing, medical website design and many more specific topics.

(Full disclosure: Health Care Communication News is one of the sites listed.)

Health care communicators, what are your favorite health care blogs?

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