These are the hallmarks of a great mentorship

There are several factors that define a good mentor-mentee relationship. Let’s explore what those look like.

In a field that can be as wide-ranging as comms is, it’s tough to go it alone. Whether you’re making a transition within job responsibilities in the field or jumping into comms from another career, having someone show you the ropes can be key to climbing the ladder and becoming comms leader.

It seems simple enough, but there are several factors that define a good mentor-mentee relationship. As comms leaders, it’s our duty to help those looking to rise through the ranks along their own paths. A great mentorship experience can have a few different hallmarks — let’s take a dive and explore what those look like.

Benefitting both the mentor and mentee

While mentorships are often viewed as primarily benefiting the mentee, both parties can gain much from the experience. The mentee can help the mentor understand ways in which the industry has evolved over the years, while the mentor can obviously help the mentee develop the leadership skills they desire to possess.

Though often unacknowledged, mentoring newcomers can help experienced comms pros gain a deeper sense of purpose from their careers.

According to US News:

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