Trends and insights to help you build a hybrid workplace for everyone

Gain knowledge based on a survey of more than 800 employees and IT managers.

From the mad rush to accommodate remote work in the early days of the pandemic to the evolution of technology to a search for a hybrid balance that delivers both flexibility and teamwork, the last few years have seen rapid changes in how we get work done.

Now it’s time to search for stability and a new system that will serve the needs of workers and the company.

Beezy’s new “2022 Workplace Trends & Insights Report,” will help chart that course forward. Based on a survey of 800 employees and IT managers, this report will help you gain knowledge on:

  • Remote employees’ top pain points
  • Employee desire for greater flexibility around work location
  • Lack of camaraderie between coworkers and how to fix it in a remote setting
  • Happiness, engagement and work-life balance
  • Employees and IT managers turning to shadow IT for communication and collaboration

Get the free report today and start crafting a successful work future.

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