Wellness program delivers tangible results

Sprinklr’s ‘Winning with Wellbeing’ offerings aim to help employees thrive personally and professionally, earning it a nod for its Mental Wellness Initiative in Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Awards.

Wellness program delivers tangible results

Sprinklr, a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for customer-facing functions, faced three challenges when COVID-19 hit in 2020: Keeping its employees safe and healthy; motivating and engaging employees while also increasing happiness/employee delight scores; and ensuring continuity and growth of the business. This is where “Winning with Wellbeing” came into play.

Sprinklr met those three challenges with its wellness program. The “Winning with Wellbeing” program provided a comprehensive selection of offerings to support four pillars of wellbeing: body, mind, heart and soul. Designed to help employees thrive personally and professionally, they pick the offerings that fit their personal journey.

Throughout the pandemic, “Winning with Wellbeing” focused on creating a healthy work-from-home environment, including meditation, building resilience and managing change. The company also brought in motivational speakers for its employee base. Sprinklr’s wellbeing initiatives have produced tangible results, including:

  • The company’s Employee Delight Assurance Program reaching a record all-time high in April 2020. Within this program, every leader asks each direct report monthly, “How happy are you on a scale of 1 to 10, and what are your three recommendations for being happier?”
  • Sprinklr’s Glassdoor ranking improved to 4.3 globally and to 4.5 in the U.S.
  • Recognition came from Glassdoor and Battery Ventures, naming Sprinklr a “Best Private Company to Work for during COVID-19″; IDG and Computerworld named it “Best Place to Work in IT”; Inc named it a “Best Place to Work”; and Fortune included it on the list of “Best Workplaces in NYC.”
  • Sprinklr saw no net increase in employee absenteeism or disability.

In addition to “Winning with Wellbeing,” employees participated in Sprinklr’s 24-4-U program, which meant taking a day off for themselves, and through Sprinklr’s 24-4-Other initiative, took a day off to volunteer and give back to communities and charitable causes.

Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Awards are open for submissions through Dec. 3, 2021. Be recognized for wellness — apply today!



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