What every company can learn from the Old Spice campaign

How your grandpa’s aftershave made optimum use of modern marketing media.

How your grandpa’s aftershave made optimum use of modern marketing media

By now everyone has seen the Old Spice “Smell like a man, man” videos and has read The New York Times story about this creative, smart program. So what can PR pros, marketing execs, and companies of all sizes learn from this overwhelmingly successful campaign? Here’s a few of my thoughts.

1. You don’t always need a celebrity for a campaign. Sure, celebrities help (unless Mel Gibson is your spokesperson) get people’s attention and create awareness of your product, but not every company has the budget to enlist an A-list celeb. With Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice used this former NFL Europe player as the face of its product. Why did this work? Because the idea was great and the company believed in it.

2. Use all your resources. From Twitter to YouTube to the Old Spice website, the company did everything it needed to promote the campaign. Bottom line, if a company only puts a small amount of effort into publicizing its campaign and doesn’t use all its available resources, it will never achieve the type of success it was hoping for.

3. Involving social networks is crucial. Engaging with its audience and inviting them to ask Mustafa questions via the Old Spice Twitter handle and Facebook pages was great. But having Mustafa answer random questions and even help a random guy propose to his girlfriend on the Old Spice YouTube channel was brilliant. And not only did he answer questions, but several videos were posted with amazingly fast turnaround time.

We all talk about the need for real-time answers and information, and Old Spice did everything it could to record its responses quickly and get them out the door.

I could go on about the many things that companies could learn from this campaign. What else would you add to this list?

Andrew Worob is a public relations professional with 10 years of PR and media experience. He blogs at PR at Sunrise.


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