Why podcasts might be the best channel for your message

Your audience already tunes into specific and targeted content. Here’s how your organization can reach captive listeners.

Why podcasting might be worth the effort

Traditional or digital channels are obvious options for most organizations to get their message in front of a larger, more diverse audience.

However, if you’re digging into the metrics and finding that your media relations efforts aren’t translating into business results, it may be time to consider alternative communication vehicles—particularly podcasts. Though traditional media can have a larger reach, podcasts enable you to personally connect with a highly targeted audience.

Today podcasts are growing in popularity. There’s one for everything on your mind, whether it’s business, motivation, humor or suspense. Here are a few reasons why podcasts may be the best channel for you to reach the right audience:

1. Podcast listeners are young, educated and influential.

Consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 make up the majority of podcast listeners, and 56 percent of them hold at least a four-year degree. GfK states that 69 percent of podcast listeners have read a newspaper within 30 days of listening to a podcast, staying updated on current events. In addition, 20 percent of podcast listeners are “influencers,” meaning they are engaged in three or more public activities, like community service or running for political office.

Podcast listeners are also 17 percent more likely to follow brands online than the average American.

The audiences listening to podcasts are smart, loyal and well equipped to share your message. Take the opportunity to share your story directly with them.

2. Podcast listeners already care about your industry.

Podcasts are unique in their ability to reach a highly targeted, captive audience. There is a podcast for every genre, and each has a listener following that shares similar interests and is seeking to learn more on related topics. There is no “scrolling” or “flipping” through podcasts like on social media or news apps. If a consumer is listening to a podcast, he or she considers it worthwhile and will listen to the very end—even through advertisements.

You can find a podcast for any industry—no matter what your niche. TechStuff explores the people and companies behind the tech world. Manager Tools focuses on helping professionals become more effective managers. Social Media Marketing helps businesses understand social media trends and tactics.

3. Podcasts offer a greater opportunity for personalization and action.

Due to their ease and mobility, podcasts have become part of many people’s daily routines. Serial listening builds a deep relationship between consumer and host, leading to a high level of trust. With these strong relationships, messages read from hosts can feel like “advice from a friend” rather than an ad. On many podcasts, hosts will add a personal twist to ads by discussing their own experience with a product or service. When messages come from a trusted source, they resonate in an authentic way and connect a brand with the host’s personality.

Podcasts are here for the long haul. What was once the latest PR fad has turned into a strategic and key channel for sharing authentic messages with an active, valuable and targeted audience. If you’re looking for new ways to reach your audience, it’s past time to consider podcasts. You may be surprised to find that your customers are already tuning in.

Hannah Sewell is an associate at A.wordsmith, a boutique communications firm in Portland, Oregon.


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