2022 Intranet Buyers’ Guide

Tips for picking the intranet that best meets your needs — and how to get buy-in.

How to choose the best intranet

Your intranet is the glue that holds your workforce together wherever you are. Whether you need something that allows you to post tons of news, a platform that allows for employee interaction, a robust video hosting site for knowledge sharing or all three, the decision of which vendor to choose is a complex one. You need buy-in from disparate stakeholders including IT and HR, and you need understanding from executives on why the intranet matters.

Learn how to balance all these needs with the “2022 Intranet Buyers’ Guide” from Simpplr Research. In this free download, you’ll see:

  • How to make a sound business case and clarify the problems you’re solving
  • Why intranets fail and plan how you’ll mitigate risk
  • How to form a cross-functional evaluation team
  • How to decide between traditional or modern intranets
  • Understand the features that matter
  • How to define and score your criteria
  • And more

Download this free guide today and start exploring which intranet works for you.



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